SSPE claims another young life

I learnt this very sad news from the “Just the Vaxx” website.
Aliana, a child suffering from SSPE, passed away last month.
Aliana was born in 2010 and caught Measles at just six months old. She appeared to recover fully, but in 2014 SSPE was diagnosed. Now, a little over two years later, she has died.
What angers me is the persistent self-deception I have seen antivaxxers engage in. They say that Measles is harmless in a well-nourished child. That getting Measles helps with children’s development. That vaccines are ineffective and harmful, more so than the diseases they prevent. And finally, that if a child dies from Measles there must have been something wrog with him/her. Aliana’s story gives the lie to this hogwash. She was a healthy child born in a First-World country with excellent quality of life.
I feel for Aliana’s family. They had to watch while their happy, healthy, lively daughter lost her abilities. They could do nothing while she entered an irreversible decline. They were subjected to a wait of more than two years until the inevitable occurred and she succumbed.
I am so frustrated. I have beaten the drum over and over, and still tragedies like this occur. Vaccines are safe and effective, and the diseases they protect against are killers even today.
Get vaccinated.


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