Toni Braxton’s son is still autistic

I would have blogged about this sooner, but my ISP is Neotel and, as you are probably aware, they’ve been having network problems.
Toni Braxton claims that God made her son autistic as punishment for having an abortion, and that after extensive interventions he is no longer autistic.
The entire “God did X as punishment” idea is one I rejected long ago. The God I was taught about is “slow to anger, rich in mercy”. I feel Braxton should read the ninth Chapter of the Gospel of John.
What I really dislike however, is Braxton saying that her son is no longer autistic.
Just because her son received training on how to pass as neurotypical, it doesn’t mean that he is no longer autistic, just that he has learnt mechanisms to hide it and to cope with day to day life.
I can usually pass as neurotypical. When I’m stressed, or tired, or frustrated, my coping mechanisms fail. The first thing to go is my speech filter. I start talking bluntly, which a lot of my co-workers find hilarious. The next things to go are my coordination and fine motor control. I start staggering. Literally. I walk like I’m drunk.
Braxton’s son is still autistic. The training he received hasn’t changed that, it just gave him skills and strategies to help.

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