Dreading the outcome of the 2016 U.S Presidential Election

I’ve been watching the preliminary running in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Donald Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate while Hillary Clinton will likely be selected as the Democratic one.
I am reminded of a comedian’s (John Pinette, perhaps?) comment on the 2000 U.S. Presidential Race between George W. Bush (Republican) and Al Gore (Democrat).
“George Bush and Al Gore. Wow, what a choice! Would you like your leg amputated just above the knee, or just below it?”
Neither Clinton nor Trump look like good candidates. But while I view Clinton with distaste, I view Trump with fear. And it’s not just because of his ludicrous comments about building a wall or deporting Muslims, or that he’s thrown out his old beliefs to make himself more palatable to the Republican Base. He’s completely Dunning-Kruger.
Politifact fact checked claims Trump made for accuracy. More than half were rated “False” or “Pants on Fire”. In addition, Trump has a habit of ignoring the experts in favour of his own prejudices.
A Trump Presidency would be very bad for autistics in particular. He is a proponent of the thoroughly discredited “vaccines cause autism” theory. If he wins, resources will once again be wasted on researching a dead end.
The problem is, a Trump Presidency is a distinct possibility. First he declared he would run, and people rolled their eyes as he’d said that before. Then he ran, and people thought he’d drop out. Then he started winning primaries, and people believed he’d lose in the later rounds. Then he started winning those, and commenters said that the Republicans would never let him stand. And now he’s the Candidate.
I am hoping that Hillary wins in 2016.


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