Lawsuit against Gardasil dismissed

Last week, Special Master Lisa Hamilton-Fieldman dismissed a suit brought by two sisters, Madelyne and Olivia Meylor, that the Gardasil Vaccine had caused them to suffer premature ovarian failure. The two plan to appeal the verdict. Madelyne suffered irregular periods before she received the vaccine. Olivia received it before her first period, which occurred when she was 15.
Merck was asked for comment. There was a key sentence in their response.

A medical history of POI has been reported by a small number of trial participants who received GARDASIL or placebo; the number of medical history reports of POI is similar for GARDASIL and placebo recipients.

In other words, this looks to be a case of chance.
Reading their stories, I can’t help but be reminded of the course taken by the parents of Michelle Cedillo, one of the test cases in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings. They introduced video of Michelle at 15 months to show she was fine before the vaccine, only for an autism expert to show that she was already showing clear signs of being autistic, and that her parents were unconsciously adjusting their behaviour towards her. Both Meylor sisters had period problems before receiving the vaccine. The Cedillos appealed, with the verdict being upheld twice. I feel that the same will happen to the Meylors.


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