Circumcision as a cause of autism? Seriously?

Sometimes, I see something so mindblowingly stupid, my only response is “WTF?!?!” That was my response today when I saw an article on the Time website about a hypothesis that circumcision is a possible cause of autism. To be fair, the hypothesis and not the article is the stupid thing, but the article was not problem free.
One dubious thing in the article is that it mentions that girls are far less likely than boys to receive a diagnosis of autism. There is a lot of discussion about this fact, with some claiming that autism in girls is very underdiagnosed, which sets up a vicious circle. I in fact subscribe to this viewpoint.
A researcher, Dr. Morten Frisch from Denmark, led a study that found that boys who undergo circumcision are more likely to be diagnosed with autism by age 9. To say that this is dubious would be putting it mildly. In fact, to its credit, the article quotes a critic: Professor Brian Morris from Australia. In addition, it mentions that circumcision rates in Australia have fallen but diagnoses of autism have risen.
Bottom line: this is very weak tea.


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