Thoughts on the death of a musical Prince

Earlier this week, Prince Rogers Nelson, the most prolific songwriter of modern times, died at his home aged 57.
Despite the fact that an autopsy is still to be performed, some of the more ghoulish antivaxxers are claiming that he was done in by a flu vaccine. Other gossipmongers are implying that he overdosed on pain killing medication. What is known is that Prince was suffering from various medical problems. A few weeks ago, his plane had to make an unscheduled stop so that he could get emergency treatment at hospital. He also had weak hipbones. The bottom line is, it is not unknown for people Prince’s age to have health issues and to die unexpectedly from them.
Because of his death, people have been downloading his music. Several songs of his featured on the Highveld Stereo Top 40 this week, including “Little Red Corvette”, “Raspberry Beret” and “Diamonds and Pearls”, amongst others. Although I wouldn’t really consider myself a fan of Prince’s music, my favourite song of his was “Diamonds and Pearls”. I was disappointed that it placed as low as it did in the Top 40. In addition, Prince wrote literally hundreds of songs for other artists, including “Nothing Compares to U” for Sinead O’Connor and “Manic Monday” for The Bangles.
I was reading through some of the things written about Prince. Certain things struck me, including the fact that he wrote songs from a very young age, and that he frequently wrote one or more songs a day. While I’m doubtful that he was autistic, I’m quite certain that he wasn’t neurotypical.


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