I am never buying from Volkswagen again

(Note: this only applies to VW South Africa. Other countries may be better.)
I have had it with Volkswagens.
I have owned two cars in my life and both were Volkswagens. When I buy my third car, it will not be from that manufacturer.
My parents between them have owned five Volkswagens: two Passats; a 1988 Jetta CLi, a Citi Golf and a Golf 3. When it was time to purchase my first car, I went for a 1.4L Citi Chico. After it was written off in a crash, I bought my current vehicle, a 1.4i Polo Classic.
The Chico was as robust as a tank. The only major expense it incurred was at the 90,000km service when the clutch assembly needed to be replaced. That service in 2009 cost me just under R9,000.
Now let’s compare that to the Polo.
30,000km service: The dashboard mounted cupholder had to be replaced.
Before 50,000km: The hooter gave out and had to be replaced.
60,000km service: The workshop found a bunch of things wrong with my car. Total cost to fix was R14,745.53. No, that’s not a typo. I have the bill in front of me now.
90,000km service: On Monday, I took my Polo in for its 90,000km service. Bill was R12,462.08. I also have that receipt in front of me.
I accept that as cars get older, massive and expensive overhauls are inevitable. However, a car needing two services before 100,000km that each cost in excess of R10,000 is totally UNacceptable. I would also like to mention at this point that my mother’s experiences with her Golf 3 led her to abandon the Volkswagen brand. She now drives a Honda.
It seems to me that Volkswagen South Africa’s standards have slipped badly, and that they are sitting on their laurels and trading on past glory. They have permanently lost me as a customer, and if anybody asks my advice about buying a new car, I will tell them all about my experiences and advise them to avoid Volkswagen.


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