On upgrading to Windows 10

So I got fed up with my laptop’s nagging, and upgraded to Windows 10. Here’s a brief tutorial on what to expect and do.

Before updating

Back up everything just in case it goes to hell. Mine didn’t, but I’ve heard others have been less fortunate. Also, run Disk Cleanup.

Download Time

The upgrade is almost 3GB in size, so unless you have very fast internet, it’s going to take a little time. Mine took around two hours.


This took around three hours, all in all. Not surprising, given its size. Also, my laptop warned me that it would restart several times. My recommendation is that you do it on a Saturday morning. You can finish a task like say putting on the laundry and periodically check up on the update, then do some more housework and so forth.
I was extremely happy. My files and all the applications I’d installed were transferred over to Windows 10. It was smooth as silk.

After Updating

Run Disk Cleanup again, including of system files. Here, you need to be extra aware. One of the options is to remove previous versions of Windows.
Unless you are certain you do not want to return to your old version of Windows, whether it is Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1, do not select this option.

First impressions

Windows 10 has a very stylish look. Edge is a nice browser. The “Start” Menu with its standard option and its “Life at a glance” is very cleverly thought out.

And now the bad

There are several problems. In Windows Vista through to 8.1, when ALT-TABbing through open files and applications, the last option was “Desktop”. This option has been removed in Windows 10. My personal opinion is that removing this option is retrogressive, and I want it back.
Scrolling with the keyboard is also problematic. I can’t always use a mouse as my machine is a laptop. I would scroll down using the arrow keys, but after a few seconds, they stopped working. I would have to click on the page to get them to work again. This quickly gets annoying. Why can’t Microsoft just accept that some people either can’t use a mouse, or prefer using the keyboard.
Another big issue is drivers. After my upgrade, my laptop’s internal speaker worked fine.
One day, I wanted to listen to something in private, so I plugged my earphones in. All of a sudden, the Speaker Icon deactivated and gave the message “No audio output device detected”. My brother in law (who works in IT support) advised me to update my drivers. That restored speaker functionality.
My brother in law also told me that a lot of organisations that upgraded to Windows 10 are having real problems. The thing is, printers that are properly maintained last for years and years, and a lot of very old printers are still in use. But because they’re so old, the manufacturers aren’t prepared to write Windows 10 drivers for them so they won’t work with Windows 10 machines. Perhaps someone will hack together drivers.


Windows 10 was worth it for me. All in all, I’m sticking with it.

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