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This will be a follow up to two of my earlier posts.
The woman whose skeleton was found was named Iola Glenda Cynthia Ditcham. I’ve found out a few things about her. Enough to put together a rough timeline.
In 1991, Iola and Brian Ditcham, a childless couple, buy the house.
In the first decade of the new millennium, Brian dies of cancer and Iola suffers a bad fall in her driveway. She survives, but suffers permanent sequelae from the event. Her brother Frank starts periodically checking up on her.
Frank dies. Nobody is checking up on Iola.
Some time in circa 2013, Iola dies in her bedroom. With no-one making sure of her welfare, her death goes unnoticed.
Thursday August 20th 2015: Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Officers responding to a complaint enter the Ditcham property. They find Iola’s skeleton and summon the SAPS. A man in his 60’s is found squatting on the property and is ordered to leave.
Antivaxxers in California set up a petition to get SB277 revoked. As is typical with fanatics, they completely underestimated their support. They had 90 days to collect at least 365,880 valid signatures. Had they done so, officials would have sampled the signatures to determine validity. If this had revealed no chicanery, SB277 would have been halted until November 2016 and gone before voters to decide.
They didn’t even get past the first gate. Ony about 200,000 signatures were returned. Amusingly, Tim Donnelly, the former Californian assemblyman behind the referendum, has claimed sabotage.

I will try to find out what else I can about Iola Ditcham.

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