Vaccines do not cause autism. This should not be up for discussion.

Although I didn’t watch the most recent Republican Primary debate, I read of it afterwards. “Depressing” doesn’t even start to cover it.
Donald Trump has shown just how clueless he is on autism. He raised the false claim about an “autism epidemic”, then repeated the “vaccines cause autism” lie. This despite the fact that Wakefield’s lies were discredited over five and a half years ago. It is mindblowing, and not in a good way, that this ignorant, arrogant pinhead is in the running.
Bad though Trump’s inaccuracies were, one sort of expects that from him. What was even sadder was the response from Dr Ben Carson, another of the candidates, who was asked for his comments on Trump’s remarks.
Carson is a paediatric surgeon, and as such will be well aware of the dangers an unvaccinated child poses to one who has received a transplant or is immunosuppressed from cancer treatment. He could have pointed out that Wakefield’s “study” was retracted and hasn’t been independently replicated, and that the latest research reveals that “too many too soon” is also dead wrong. He should have stomped on Trump’s bad argument hard. Instead, he gave a toothless, wishy-washy response that could be twisted to mean support. Fortunately, Bernie Sanders came to the party.
Five and a half years after “The Lancet” retracted Wakefield’s research, the “vaccines cause autism” lie should not be up for discussion. That it is, and that it isn’t crushed the moment it appears, is disappointing.


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