On due diligence and consequences

One of the websites I frequently browse is FMyLife It’s the english version of the french website “Vie de Merde (literally “Life of Shit”). It has people sharing stories of things going horribly wrong for them, typically in hilarious ways but sometimes not. Readers have the option to vote either “I agree, Your life sucks” or “You totally deserved it”. One of the FMLs in the latter category is this one from a Swedish woman whose daughter lied about her husband having a girlfriend as revenge for being grounded. Instead of checking the claim out, she confronted her husband, refused to believe his denials, and filed for divorce. The consensus is that it was idiocy to not thoroughly investigate the claim, and that her husband is completely justified in proceeding with the divorce, given the hell she put him through.
I was thinking of that FML when I learnt of a very sad event. In June, a six year old spanish boy died from diphtheria. His parents were antivaccine. Other people caught the disease, but because they were vaccinated they survived.
What do the two things above have to do with each other? In each case, an innocent person suffered because somebody else failed to perform even rudimentary due diligence. I do feel for the boy’s parents and I’m aware they’ll regret their actions for the rest of their lives, but at the same time I’m livid at them. They believed internet liars and disbelieved their physicians, and it was their son who paid the price. His life is over before it began.

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