Breaking the silence

And I’m back.
Today, I wrote the exam for the Advanced Technical Test Analyst Certification. I get my results in a few weeks. As I write this, dinner is on the go and I have a feeling of relief that it’s now over.
What was interesting was that everyone around me was more confident in my abilities than I was myself. My parents; the instructor who taught me; the people at my office. All were certain that I would not only pass, but pass with distinction. It was only over the past weekend during my last bit of studying that I became more sure of myself, and only now that I’ve written the exam that I’m confident I passed and fairly confident I obtained a distinction.
So what’s been happening since I’ve been offline? Firstly, Venus and Jupiter were both visible in the night sky together. Quite an interesting experience to look up and see two stars, and know they’re both planets.
If you listen to “Greed” on Jacaranda FM, you may have heard my voice. Yep, that was me, not getting “Fight Song” by Rachel Platt. Annoying to miss out on R10,000, but that’s how it goes sometimes.
California passed SB277, which makes it harder to obtain vaccine exemptions.
On a sadder note, Omar Sharif and Roger Rees both passed away. I remember Rees best as Robin Colcorde on “Cheers” and the Sheriff of Rottingham in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”.
And now for some rather more disturbing news. Bill Cosby admitted to procuring quaaludes (street name, roofies) to give to women he wanted to have sex with.
When I heard the initial complaints against Cosby, I was suspicious about him. To me, this admission is the smoking gun.
It looks like Bill Cosby is indeed a rapist.


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