Farewell lilady, and some good news to soften the bad

A few weeks ago, I learnt something very sad.
Lilady, a regular commenter around the internet and a ferocious opponent of quackery and antivaccine drivel, passed away a few months ago.
From the various in memoria to her, I learnt that her real name was Connie, that she had worked in public health, that she was a registered nurse, that she had lived in Long Island (hence lilady) and that she was responsible for two disabled individuals, one her biological son. I only knew her through her comments on Respectful Insolence and other sites around the ‘Net.
What I remember best about her was her sheer pugnacity. She was knowledgeable, and as ferocious as an irate pitbull terrier. Even though she was from the US, on at least one occasion, I saw comments from her on the IOL website. She was taking on misinformation spouting South African antivaxxers. Whenever an antivaccine liar dropped a load of idiocy on the interwebs, lilady would be there, swooping in for a waterbombing run over the burning stupid.
I wonder what she would think had she known that the antivaccine movement has recently suffered various setbacks. In the US, the state of Vermont has revoked philosophical exemptions for vaccination while in California, SB277, a bill which is also intended to reduce exemptions has endured several attempts to stop it and will likely be passed into law. Best of all, Louis Daniel Smith has been convicted for selling Miracle Mineral solution.
I have written about MMS before. It’s sodium chlorite combined with citric acid to create chlorine dioxide, and administered to autistic children either orally or as an enema. The correct terms for that are “child abuse” and “child endangerment”. To get around restrictions, the sodium chlorite was sold “for its proper uses” but with instructions on how to create chlorine dioxide. Smith was charged with conspiracy, smuggling, and selling misbranded drugs, amongst other things. He faces a maximum of 34 years in prison. As a result, other purveyors of MMS have suddenly disappeared of the radar. One such is Kerri Rivera, who spoke at the Autism One quackfest.
If this stops MMS, it will be the best memorial lilady could have asked for.

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