Fortnight from hell

Work has been bad the past two weeks.

I’m a member of a test team that’s working with test teams in other countries to test a new HR system for a multinational company. The system is being rolled out to our client’s offices around the world. The project has been broken down into various releases. In each release, the system is deployed to several countries. Once everything is up and running in those countries, they move on to the next release.

What grates is that the client doesn’t seem to have learnt from mistakes made on the last few releases. In previous releases, the test teams had problems from performance issues; bad or incomplete requirements; documentation not getting through to them on time or at all; and bad or corrupt test data. In the release we’re currently working on, all of those issues have occurred.

It’s annoying. One of the things I have been taught in testing is that if there’s a problem, not only should it be fixed, it should be investigated to find out if there’s an underlying cause. Otherwise, the problem will just recur and have to be fixed again. Clearly, this wasn’t done. Testing has consequently been held up, with invalid defects being logged and then rejected.

And yet, all this seems trivial. On Monday the 11th May, we came into the office only to learn that over the weekend one of the South African test team had been killed along with his mother in a road traffic accident. He leaves behind a daughter who is in preschool.

RIP Mpho.


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