Mind Blown

Totally and completely blown.
Many years ago, epidemiologists discovered something strange. A few years after vaccination against measles, deaths from other childhood diseases would plummet. This was consistent across countries. A few years after measles vaccine was introduced in a country, that country would see a fall in deaths from other diseases. And now, a study proposes a very interesting explanation.

Many viruses suppress the immune system for several weeks after an infection. That’s why secondary and opportunistic infections occur. But measles seems to wipe out immune memory.

Once you get infected with a disease, your immune system uses the disease’s antigens to devise a response. Some of your white blood cells become “memory cells”, which will recognise the disease immediately if you are ever reinfected. This is the principle behind both vaccination and natural immunity. But measles appears to disable these memory cells. So if you had a bout of, say, rotavirus, or were immunised against it, but you then developed the measles, you would then be at risk for rotavirus in the future.
Antivaxxers say natural immunity is better. It’s not, and this is one more reason why.

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