From bad to even worse for anti-vaxxers

It’s been another horrible week for antivaxxers.
A study, Autism Occurrence by MMR Vaccine Status Among US Children With Older Siblings With and Without Autism, was published. The researchers used data in the Optum Research Database. This database contains anonymised data of claims from Medicare and private health insurers. Their rationale was:

Families with a child affected by ASD may be particularly concerned about reports linking MMR and ASD, despite the lack of evidence. Surveys of parents who have children with ASD suggest that many believe the MMR vaccine was a contributing cause. This belief, combined with knowing that younger siblings of children with ASD are already at higher genetic risk for ASD compared with the general population, might prompt these parents to avoid vaccinating their younger children…
Thus, we set out to report on ASD occurrence by MMR vaccine status in a large sample of US children having older siblings with ASD and to compare findings with those among children who have older siblings without ASD.

Their conclusion?

MMR vaccine receipt was not associated with an increased risk of ASD at any age.

In California, Senate Bill 277, intended to remove philosophical exemptions from vaccination, passed out of committee and will now go before the State Senate to be voted on. More here. It looks like with that Measles outbreak at Disneyland, people have now started realising that non-vaccinators are eroding herd immunity and wanting action taken.
And Vermont is doing the same.

The Vermont Senate has voted to end the philosophical exemption some parents use to decline to have their children vaccinated. The Legislation would require the full range of required vaccinations as a pre-condition to enrolling in school.

Full article here.


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