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Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.
The End.
With those three tweets, the death of fantasy author and Discworld creator Sir Terry Pratchett was announced to the world. He had a form of Alzheimer’s disease, and that is what took him. Oddly enough, I went to see “Still Alice” on Sunday. Julianne Moore won a Best Actress Oscar for her depiction of a linguistics professor suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s. Joyreactor has a tribute to Sir Terry. It doesn’t link to the source, unfortunately.
I saw an article about a link between autism and intelligence. The investigators say more research needs to be done, but I thought it was interesting.
Next up, something for pro vaxxers to smirk about.
A German antivaccinationist named Stefan Lanka offered 100,000 Euros to anyone who could irrefutably demonstrate the existence of the measles virus. A physician named David Barden accepted the challenge and sent Lanka peer reviewed documentation. Lanka refused to accept the proof and pay out the prize, so Barden sued him in court.
And won.
Lanka has announced he will appeal, but I doubt he will be successful as the judge declared the terms of the challenge were met.
And unfortunately, I’m going to have to end this on a major downer.
An autistic teenager named Otto Smith was murdered by his mother’s live-in boyfriend. The boyfriend, Matthew Lee Christenson, has a history of assault.

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