Italy agrees – the MMR Vaccine does not cause autism

Some two and a half years ago, one of the most egregious verdicts in history was returned by a lower court in Rimini, Italy.
The court ruled that the MMR vaccine caused autism.
I wrote about it then. To reach this execrable verdict, the court relied heavily on Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent and retracted “case study”. Given that it had been retracted for over two years already at that point, the decision was a travesty.
And now, justice has prevailed.
On the 13th February, a higher court overturned the verdict, ruling that it was completely wrong to rely on Wakefield’s “research”.
I used Chrome’s “translate” feature as I don’t know Italian. The first paragraph reads:
There is no link between the trivalent vaccine and autism. There is no evidence to establish that the former causes the syndrome, there is only a temporal connection. In the sense that the injection that prevents measles, mumps and rubella is made ​​before the diagnosis of autistic disorder, which usually arrives between 3 and 6 years. That’s it. The Court of Appeal of Bologna has overturned a controversial 2102 ruling of the Labour Court of Rimini, who had recognized the compensation to a couple of Romagna whose child had been vaccinated by local health authorities in 2002 and subsequently had a diagnosis of autism.
The verdict led to a fall in vaccination rates. Hopefully, this too will be corrected.

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