The stupid, it burns

Sometimes you read something so patently ridiculous, you wonder what the authors/writers/researchers were thinking.
The first stupid thing I read was a proposal to change the law in South Africa reduce the blood alcohol level of drivers to 0%. No alcohol whatsoever. This has been put forward to lower the shockingly high death rate on South Africa’s roads.
This has been mooted in several other countries and invariably shot down. Fresh fruit, freshly baked bread, amasi, and rum and raisin ice cream all contain small amounts of alcohol or other substances that can trigger positive breath readings. Diabetes and other medical conditions can do the same.
We don’t need ever stricter laws that will sweep up loads of innocent people, we need proper enforcement of the existing ones. Not once in my ten years of driving have I been stopped and checked for sobriety. In fact, we could probably go back to the old limits if proper enforcement was used.
The second stupid thing I read was an article by someone accusing her paediatrician, who is now refusing to take the children of vaccine refusers on as patients, of violating the Hippocratic Oath. Suffice to say, the paediatrician is totally in the right. If a child is too young to have received vaccines, or immunosuppressed as a result of receiving chemotherapy, or anti-rejection drugs for a transplant, then an un- or under- vaccinated child poses a grave risk. Paediatricians have a responsibility to all of their patients, and if a family endangers the other patients by refusing to vaccinate and thus increasing the other patients chances of catching diseases, then as far as I’m concerned the practise has a right to refuse the refusers.
And now, last but not least, the stupidest thing I read last week.
Some reports say that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is an Aspie. No, really. They say he is.
Putin was a member of the KGB before communism ended in Russia, President for two terms and now (officially) Prime Minister. If you have trouble believing that an aspie could achieve those things in a dictatorship, so do I.

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