We’re winning the fight

A lot can change in five years. Five years ago to the day, Andrew Wakefield’s GMC hearing was still underway, Jenny McCarthy was supporting antivaccine lies, and people were seriously doubting the safety of the MMR vaccine. How things have changed.

You’ve probably heard about the measles outbreak that occurred at Disneyland. At the time of writing, there are over fifty cases.

This may sound like bad news, but the pro-vaccine side is winning. Outbreaks like these have shown that the antivaccinationists are wrong, and that vaccines work.

And now for some more evidence that we’re winning. A notorious US antivaccinationist named Sherri Tenpenny was going to tour Australia giving seminars. Thanks to the efforts of Australian pro-vaccine advocates, her tour is now in pieces. Reasonable Hank has the details.


All of the venues originally booked by Tenpenny have cancelled on her. Details.

What interests me is that a number of venues claim that they were misled. Tenpenny’s seminars were under the guise of “Get rid of SIDS”. This references the antivaccine lie that vaccines are responsible for SIDS (they aren’t). That’s a good sign.

If Tenpenny had to lie to get bookings, that means that once again, antivaccinationists are being regarded with the revulsion and contempt they deserve.

And that is excellent news.

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