Here’s to 2015

Well, happy 2015 everyone.
From about August 2013 to 2014 I was financially in a hole, though not a big one. That’s now behind me and I’m feeling much more secure.
At work, I left the client I’d worked for for four years, then returned after a week, then left again after a few months, this time for good. The entire situation was a comedy of errors, but less amusing. When I returned, the process to revoke my accesses had been begun and nobody sent through a message to stop it. I was unable to log on to the client’s systems for around a month and had to use a special access to do work. Eventually it was sorted out and I was able to log in normally again. Then my contract ended and I left for good. Amazingly, I wasn’t properly offboarded and I was contacted by both the timesheet managers (who asked why I hadn’t submitted timesheets for several months) and the client’s emergency contact system to confirm my details. I’m currently on a project for a multinational client that’s scheduled to run until early 2016.
I’m looking forward to 2015 in a way that I haven’t looked forward to a new year in a very long time.
“Big Hero 6” and “The Boxtrolls” were the last films I saw in 2014 and the most enjoyable. “Interstellar” was good, but the exposition near the end felt contrived.
The most disappointing film was Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine”. The film is about Jasmine (Cate Blanchett, who won an Oscar for the role), who after exposing her philandering husband as a Madoff-like fraudster and losing everything has to move in with her sister, who was one of the husband’s victims.
In a character-driven film like this, the main character needs to be likeable, relateable, sympathetic or interesting, and Jasmine is none of those things. She is self-absorbed and vapid (a point the film beats you over the head with), and ultimately tedious. If “Blue Jasmine” is typical, then perhaps Allen should concentrate less on releasing a film a year and more on writing his characters better.
Some celebrity news that made me smile was that Robbie Williams intends to quit music to become a car mechanic. His reason was that he’d been in music for over half his life, and he was tired.
Personally, I wish Williams all the best in his new career, and I also wish that I had the money to do whatever I want.
The most shocking celebrity news of 2014 for me involved another Williams. On August 11, comedian Robin Williams was found dead. He had hanged himself. I’ve seen Williams in numerous roles, from “Good Morning Vietnam”, to his turn as the Genie in “Aladdin”, and his Oscar winning performance in “Good Will Hunting”. He was a brilliant performer. It’s a shame that possibly his last role was in the final “Night at the Museum” film, which has been slammed by critics as a pallid rehash.
Williams was in a category that is known as a suicide risk: white male nearing the end of his career, and starting to develop health problems. The most popular article on Cracked for 2014 was “Robin Williams and why funny people kill themselves“. If you know someone who is a clown, please read the article. If you have considered committing suicide, I ask you to please read “I Want To Live” by Erika Moen, who was abused as a child. I also beg you to pick up the phone and dial a suicide hotline. Lifeline South Africa’s number is 0861 322 322. Other numbers are listed here.


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