On Court Cases and a successful vaccine programme

This week was a good week.
In 2009, South Africa introduced vaccination against pneumococcal diseases. Here are the money quotes:
“The vaccine has been so successful it has reduced cases of pneumococcal disease in adults who were not immunised, due to the overall reduction of the disease and transmission from children.”
“Cases of disease detected before the vaccine were almost 700 a year in children under the age of two, and after the vaccine down to [fewer than] 74 cases in 2012.”
That’s an almost 90% drop in just 5 years. Once again, a disease rate falls off a cliff after a vaccine is introduced.
In Italy, the geologists convicted of manslaughter for failing to correctly predict an earthquake have had their convictions overturned. I raise this as the Italian Courts have also returned a verdict that the MMR vaccine caused autism, and hopefully that will also be overturned.
Finally, another Court Case, but much closer to home.
A man by the name of George Prokas put up a banner labelling the Cell C cellphone company as the worst service provider in South Africa. Annoyed, Cell C went to court to get an urgent interdict to force Prokas to take down the banner. They lost the case with costs. I’m with Cell C, and unfortunately I can vouch that Cell C needs to jack up their act.

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