Not a good week

This past week was a bad week for both vaccines and autistics.
Polio has once again broken out in Pakistan.
We were so close. A few more years, and polio would have gone the way of smallpox and rinderpest. Remember that ad campaign? “We are this close to ending polio.” Well, we were.
Permanently eradicating a disease is very difficult. Any failure can return us to a far worse point. It’s like running towards a goal on a walkway that’s moving in the opposite direction. Any stumble can set you back a long way. And this is a huge stumble.
A couple has been charged in the death of their autistic son. But what makes it really horrifying is the way they allegedy murdered him.
By starving him to death.
It is hard to express just how repulsed I am by this. To kill somebody by denying him or her food demands a monstrous level of premeditation. It can take days, even weeks, to die of hunger. All the while, the would be murderers have the opportunity to reconsider their decision but refuse to.
If the charges turn out to be true (and I really hope they don’t), a life sentence without the possibility of parole is the only fitting punishment.
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