Kafka at my workplace

I donated blood today.
My previous four weeks at work would not be out of place in a Kafka novel. As you know from my previous post, I first left a site then was sent back.
A few days after arriving back, my network access was disabled. It is a routine security precaution to do this when someone leaves. Unfortunately, the message that I was coming back slipped through the cracks. Alarmingly, my access still hasn’t been restored, almost four whole weeks later.
Here comes the Kafkaesque part. The person whose job it is to fix access was on leave (s/he’s back now) so nothing could be done. You’d think that in a huge organisation (the client site is a bank) there would be things like proper delegation and control so that if the person with relevant authority is unavailable there is someone with the necessary authority who can handle it. But no.
It would appear that whenever an organisation exceeds a certain size, it becomes a bureaucracy. Plenty of rules and regulations that, instead of helping, slow things down.
I’ve been able to access the system. I have an alternate user account that gives me restricted access (system under test, no email, intranet but no internet). One thing the client demands is that we log our times on its internal system. Without access, I can’t log time. This has me worried.
Well, the responsible official is back, so by Monday, things should be sorted. I’m hopeful, but not completely.


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