The meaning of being a man

There’s something that’s been knocking around in my mind for quite some time now. It’s not something I usually blog about, but I just feel the need to get it out there. That I’m blogging it on Fathers’ Day is oddly appropriate.
I was reading an article on Cracked, and they linked through to this article on bronies. For those of you who don’t know, bronies are adult male fans of the cartoon show “My little pony: friendship is magic”. It discussed how bronies came from the first generation to be raised significantly by feminists.
Feminism changed women’s role in society, and by extension society itself. But an obvious question appears to have gone unasked (or at least, I’ve never seen it asked). That question is: what is men’s role in society?
Because the role of women in society changed, the role of men in society had to change. Yet, like I said, I haven’t seen this question asked anywhere, and that surprises me somewhat. It seems so odd that such a necessary discussion hasn’t taken place. If it has and you know where, I would appreciate a link.
Another Cracked article I read was about the Men’s Rights Movement. It is shocking how something that could have triggered the discussion referred to above turned into a rage-filled orgy. The article portrays them as insecure, angry, and with their heads up their backsides. A real pity, actually.
The incompetent dad is a cliche that goes back to the earliest days of sitcoms and is still used today. Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are the best examples. Yet the fathers I knew while growing up (including my own) typically weren’t incompetent or stupid. They, like the mothers, were doing their best. Sometimes it wasn’t good enough, usually it was.
What makes a man? I suppose that’s my question. Yet, just like there isn’t one way to be a woman, there isn’t one way to be a man. You could be an active parent, absent parent, childless; single, in a stable relationship, a bed-hopper; a high-flying professional, a tradesman, an assembly line worker. What skills should all men have? How should they behave in different situations?
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