Letting the side down

Be warned: there are some swear words in this post.
It’s a real nuisance when you’re an advocate and members of your group let the side down.
You’ve probably heard of the “virgin killer” Elliot Rodger, who stabbed three of his roommates to death before embarking on a shooting rampage killing three more people. Some have suggested that he may have been autistic, but he was never diagnosed and he was prescribed medication for things that weren’t autism. He was angry that women were ignoring him. If he was autistic (which appears unlikely), just remember that being autistic is no guarantee against being an entitled arsehole, and that it wasn’t what made him a murderer. If you want to read a summary of his manifesto, here’s part 1. Link to the next part is at the bottom of the linked article.
Somebody who actually is letting the side down is Jake Crosby (yet again). He’s given a talk at AutismOne, a trade show for autism quacks that masquerades as a conference. Some people at Orac’s blog (including Orac) have seen video of the talk. They’re not impressed.

Crosby specialises in conspiracy theory plots about those who argue with him. Disappointing.


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