Profanity Alert: find a fire and die in it PETA

As the heading warns, there’s going to be swearing in this post.
Some time ago, I posted about PETA lying about milk causing autism, and how they were slapped down several years ago by the autism community. PETA is now pretending that this never happened, and has a new advertising campaign out repeating the lie that milk consumption is related to autism. Science Based Medicine has the details.
Fuck you PETA. Fuck you up the arse with a family of angry porcupines. We have enough bullshit in our lives without you hijacking us as a vehicle for your ideology. I’ve been fighting shithead antivaxxers for four years now. I don’t need to fight a second group of brain dead fuckwits.
The research you used for your campaign is out of date and has been questioned. Many years ago, it was believed that gluten and casein could worsen autism symptoms. That was not the case. If an autistic child is gluten or casein intolerant, then excluding those items will help. Otherwise, a gluten free casein free diet is both useless and expensive.
If you have any decency, PETA, you will not only drop your campaign, you will express your sincerest regrets for attempting to hijack autism advocacy and undertake never to do it again.

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