Some follow up, and a “study” leaves me fuming

Just a heads up, there’s going to be raging in this post.
In my last post, I wrote about doctors who treated a woman with cancer by giving her a massive dose of measles vaccine. Well, Abbie has more details. It turns out that the measles had adapted to the point where it could only replicate in cancerous cells, not healthy ones. But go and read her post.
And now for the story that provoked my rage. According to a new study it seems that there is a high correlation between being autistic and being a mass murderer.

Among the 239 eligible killers, 28 per cent had ‘definite, highly probable or possible ASD’ of which 7 per cent also had a head injury.

Here’s a good quote, though.

The researchers stressed the study is “clearly limited” by the “anecdotal and speculative” nature of some of the published accounts. “We’re not saying people with autism will be serial killers,” [lead researcher Clare] Allely said, adding “it’s way too early to make any statement like that.”

Oh, you’re not saying that? You took a bunch of mass murderers, looked for “signs of autism” in them, then used that to build a case, and you’re not saying that? Paula Durbin Westby wrote this comment below.

If you go back to my post, you can see the new Venn diagram and the chart of “six killers with definite ASD diagnosis,” with information about each one, including that only ONE person has a *definite* ASD diagnosis. The 67 people on the Venn diagram are actually 6, because the other 61 do not have “definite” diagnoses and are therefore in the realm of speculation. But the whole thing is speculative in nature

One of the other comments nailed it.

They take a sample of mass killers, then retrospectively look for details supportive of autism in popular press reports, then pretend they found a valid statistical correlation based on clinical analysis. If there is any methodology rife for bias, this would be it.

Yes. And this dishonest study is likely to make our already difficult lives worse. Thanks, “researchers”.


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