A bunch of news stories on topics I blog about

In the past week, I’ve read a number of news stories relating to autistics, autism and vaccination.
The first one was in The Star, in an article about psychopathy. Paraphrased:
There are two types of empathy. Cognitive empathy is the ability to know what other people are feeling, and emotional empathy is the kind where you feel what they are feeling.
Autistic people can be very empathetic – they feel other people’s pain – but are less able to read the cues we read easily. Psychopaths are the opposite: they know what you’re feeling, but don’t feel it themselves.
Frequently I’ve shut down because after reading or hearing about an injustice I’ve imagined myself as the wronged party.
The next story I read was about using genetically modified measles to cure cancer. Two women were injected with a massive dose of measles vaccine. The dose was 10,000 times stronger than a normal dose. Both had weakened immune systems so the measles wouldn’t be attacked before it had done its job. Every other treatment option had been exhausted. One woman experienced complete remission. The other also experienced remission but her cancer returned. This is interesting because it’s strong supporting evidence for Paul Offitt’s remark that a child’s immune system can absorb the antigen load of 10,000 immunisations in a day.
The third story was “Early repetitive behaviour may signal autism risk“. Cliff notes version is that repetitive behaviour in children is normal until 6 months but decreases thereafter, while in autistics, repetitive behaviour is still prevalent or even increasing at 12 months. More research is needed, but if autism can be detected at 12 months, that’s another nail in the coffin of the vaccine causation hypothesis.
The fourth story was “Reason found for autistics’ overreaction to stimuli“. The short version is that certain areas in autistics’ brains overreact to sensory stimuli. It’s known as sensory over-responsivity, and is now recognised as a core feature of autism. To test this, they put 32 children, half autistics, half neurotypical, into an fMRI and scanned their brains while touching them with a wool sweater, playing loud traffic sounds, or both. The autistics’ brains reacted a lot more strongly.
This is very familiar to me. When I was 7 years old, my mother was preparing for a dinner party. I walked into the kitchen when she was taking meringues out of the oven. She offered one to me and I ate it.
It was so sweet that I gagged. To this day, I’m still wary of meringues. In addition, I hate being tickled or touched.
A meta-analysis has been conducted into whether vaccines cause autism. Its title says it all. “Vaccines are not associated with autism: An evidence-based meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies.”
The final story involves the cat who saved her owners’ son from a dog. Video taken from security cameras by Roger Triantafilo has been posted to YouTube. Shortly before 5 o’ clock on Tuesday the 13th May, six year old Jeremy Triantafilo was riding his pushbike in his parents driveway next to a parked SUV. Next door, the neighbours opened their gate to leave and their 8 month old chow labrador cross Scrappy got out. Scrappy heard the noise of Jeremy’s pushbike and went to investigate. Glancing under the SUV, Scrappy saw Jeremy. Rounding the car, he sank his teeth into Jeremy’s leg and dragged him off the bike. Suddenly Tara, the Triantafilos’ cat, hurtled out and slammed into Scrappy. Startled, Scrappy bolted with Tara in hot pursuit. As soon as Scrappy left her territory, Tara turned back and checked on Jeremy, whose mother, alerted by his screams, saw his injuries then called 911. What makes it amazing is that Tara is only a fraction of Scrappy’s size, and could easily have been killed by him. Scrappy has been euthanased.
Why am I mentioning this story? Jeremy is autistic.


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  1. balnavj says:

    Thank you again for your wise postings. May I say that as a immunisation nurse I admire your stance. I saw too the clip to which you refer and without knowing the background to the story thought the cat was a real hero…. Almost of ‘David and Goliath’ proportions.

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