Random thoughts on voting and SIDS

So I voted on May 7th in South Africa’s fifth democratic general election. The results have come back, and they weren’t entirely what I’d hoped for.
I’ve been in a fight on the internet with an antivaccinationists who stated the lie that vaccines are responsible for SIDS. The antivaccinationist’s response to my refutation was to scoff. So I googled. And an interesting individual turned up in my search results.
Peter Fleming is a professor at Bristol University, a researcher at the Royal Hospital for Children in Bristol, and perhaps the world’s foremost expert on SIDS. He was behind the “Back to sleep” campaign and other simple actions that cut SIDS deaths by over half. Several studies had looked at the SIDS-vaccine link, so Professor Fleming decided to perform a metaanalysis of those studies. “Reanalyses of case-control studies examining the temporal association between sudden infant death syndrome and vaccination”. The conclusion? “Our data suggest that immunisation does not contribute to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and may protect against it.” I found a link on the Bristol University website, but when I clicked for more details, I got a 503 error.
Hopefully, this will put the vaccines cause SIDS lie to rest.


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