Three steps forward, two steps back

On the vaccine front, it looks like a “three steps forward, two steps back” situation.
My health insurer will give me double points if I get a flu jab before the end of May.
From Britain, proof that the hpv vaccine cuts cancer has emerged.
And now for the bad news on the vaccine front: Alicia Silverstone has released a parenting book in which she declares that she won’t be vaccinating her son against chickenpox or measles.
To me that is utterly stupid. I had a mild bout of chickenpox and I had to stay at home for a whole week. No going out anywhere. The effects are still with me. I have a scar just below my shoulder from one of the spots. When I’m under stress, I get mouth ulcers. I’m also at risk for shingles, which can be so painful that some have been driven to suicide. As for measles, I escaped that (thank you MMR), but Silverstone is putting her son at risk of getting a disease that can cause deafness, blindness, death, and the dreadful condition subacute sclerosing panencephalitis which takes years to kill its victims. In fact, Vietnam is suffering a deadly measles outbreak.
Sooner or later, the inevitable will happen and the child of a celebrity antivaccinationist will die or be permanently disabled. Excellent though medicine currently is, it still has things it can’t do, and one of those is cure sspe.


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2 Responses to Three steps forward, two steps back

  1. balnavj says:

    Amazing how some high profile people like to jump on the anti vaccination bandwagon to promote their cause. If perchance her child should become unwell at some stage with chickenpox, will she then gloat about how ‘smart’ she was or will she choose to forget it was her decision that caused the illness.
    Curiously, I wonder if she has pets, be they horses, dogs cats, rabbits… you name it. Just as curiously, I wonder if her pets are vaccinated?

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