Rant alert: Autism is NOT “the most devastating medical emergency of our time”

Something’s been gnawing at me over the past few days. What am I going to do? I’m going to blog about it, of course. Once again, profanity alert.
There is a paediatrician in California named Robert Sears. He is antivaccination through and through. He wrote something about autism in the following post (munged. I’m not linking to his lies) h-t_://tacanowblog.com/2014/04/02/so-autism-has-risen-another-30-in-two-years-to-1-in-68-who-cares/ that angers me greatly.

We can’t abandon science. The scientific method is important. What we NEED is for EVERYONE in the medical science community to ban together to figure this out. We need to start calling it for what it is: the most devastating medical emergency of our century.

That’s right. He called autism “the most devastating medical emergency of our century.”
Fuck that shit. And fuck you up the arse with a broken telephone pole Sears. We are NOT damaged goods. We are human beings who need understanding, compassion and support, not to be labelled like that. Oh, and I can think of things that are far more devastating than autism.
I’ve already spoken about Sarah’s death and attending her funeral. But that’s not the only thing. When I was still in Primary School, I attended the funeral of a classmate’s brother. The brother had had cancer. I still remember him at school with almost no hair from the chemotherapy.
There is one last thing. I know a woman named Andrea Lynne Slater on Facebook. We were also at school together. She had a son named Hudson.
Hudson had a congenital heart defect and died aged just four months. Andrea has set up The Hudson Initiative, to make Pulse Oxymetry a compulsory test for all newborns. She also blogs.
I’m alive and healthy. So are most autistic children. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who thinks that autism is worse than diabetes, cancer or congenital heart defects is wrong. Deludedly wrong.


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