Problems with MMR storage and transport

I’m reading page 9 of the March 10th final edition of The Star.
South Africa has a large problem with MMR. According to the report, vaccines are being stored and transported at incorrect temperatures – either too hot or too cold – with the result that they are rendered useless, but are still being used as clinic staff don’t realise that they won’t work. Also, some clinics have been running out of vaccines so children going for vaccinations have had to be turned away. The end result is that outbreaks of measles are occurring. This is really worrying to those who know how dangerous the measles can be.
Some good news is that right below the article is another small article debunking myths about the MMR. Although it doesn’t mention Andrew Wakefield by name, it mentions that his work has been refuted, that he committed fraud and had conflicts of interest and that he has been struck off. Thank you The Star.

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