A little link love

And now for something a little different.
Instead of my normal post, I’m going to send out some link love.
Firstly, a Dr Joel Harrison read Andrew Wakefield’s “autobiography” Callous Disregard, and found a large number of factual errors (more correctly called “lies”). He was annoyed enough to write an article dismantling them. The article is 17 pages long, a PDF and over 3 Megs in size. If you still wish to read it, here it is.
Secondly, after angering autistics with their call to action and doubling down when they were criticised, Autism Speaks upped the ante with a film “Sounding the alarm”. Todd W has reviewed it. Please go over and say hello.

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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog
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