“Autism Speaks” does not speak for autistics

“Autism Speaks” is a US charity that purports to represent autistic people. In 2009, it produced a video titled “Autism every day”. “Autism every day” depicted autistics and their families as living a hellish life, thanks to the condition. There was a great deal of anger from autistic self advocates over the video. Unfortunately, Autism Speaks didn’t learn its lesson.
Suzanne Wright, the head of the organisation, put out a call to action that continued Autism Speaks habit of demonising autism, and by extension those on the spectrum. There has been widespread hostility from those on the spectrum and their families. John Elder Robison, an autistic on the board of Autism Speaks, has resigned. Jess at “A diary of a mom” posted this excellent rebuttal to the call to action. Matt of “Dude I’m an Aspie” wrote this sarcastic, vicious, and sadly bang on target response. Stuart Duncan also responded. Also thAutcast. The best place to go is this flash blog, where autistics speak about what autism is.
Autism Speaks claims to speak for autistics. It doesn’t, and it never has.

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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog
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  3. Daniel Davis says:

    Two videos, in particular have come under fire, “Autism Every Day” in which a mother describes wanting to drive off a bridge with her child in the car (while the child is in the room) and the recent, “I Am Autism” in which a booming voice representing autism, speaks like a monstrous beast that has come to take away children and ruin marriages among other things.

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