Well, I suppose it wasn’t surprising but it’s still very bad news.
Polio has broken out in Syria.
According to news reports, because of the war many Syrian children haven’t received the three doses of OPV necessary to gain full immunity. Only 68% have. Add to that the crowded refugee camps and you have a perfect situation for an epidemic.
This is immensely frustrating. Earlier this year, there was a campaign titled “We are this close to ending polio.” Celebrities like Korean singer PSY and former Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu were pictured with their index finger and thumb very close together to indicate how close we were to sending polio the way of smallpox. To call this a setback is an understatement.
Furthermore, there is a pertussis outbreak in Arizona and it appears that the measles outbreak in Wales has made a return. In every single case, an undervaccinated population suffered an outbreak.
Damn it, damn it, damn it.


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