And this too shall pass

It is said that a king once summoned all the wise men in his kingdom and instructed them to come up with a saying that would always be true. The saying with which they came up was “and this too shall pass”. It means that everything, good or bad, will end.

I’ve been thinking about that saying a lot, lately.

Over the last few months, life decided to take a big dump on me. Yes, I know that other people have it worse but it’s been a rough few months. Thankfully, it seems that the worst is now behind me.

As I mentioned before, my old washing machine packed up and I had to buy a new one. That turned out to be the first in a number of unplanned-for (and large) expenses. At the end of July, I took my Polo in for its 60,000km service. Originally, the dealership quoted me a fee of a little under R3,000. While I was at work, I was phoned by the dealership. They had found a number of things needed replacing (or so they said).

In the end, I was hit with a bill of R14,745.53. No, that’s not a typo. I was charged almost R15,000. In addition, I’m suspicious of the dealership. Normally, when parts are replaced in a service, the mechanic puts the old parts into the boxes of the new parts and gives them to the customer. This didn’t happen, so I’m not certain that the dealership decided to make some business for itself, if you know what I mean. I’m not going to name the dealership, but I don’t intend going back.

The third thing to happen was my LG fridge deciding one Saturday evening to stop working. I got a beer out and realised it seemed rather warm. Then I noticed my fridge didn’t seem to be refrigerating. When I turned the dial up to the highest setting the compressor still didn’t start. I had to phone my parents and borrow first their camping fridge and, when they took it back because my aunt and uncle were visiting and going to the Kruger National Park, their bar fridge.

My father tried to help by googling what he thought was wrong and repairing the fridge, without success. After several weeks of this, we decided to take the fridge to a local LG shop. They found out that the compressor had failed and would need replacing. Price? R1812. I must note that while I appreciate my father trying to help, I would have got my fridge back a lot sooner had we just taken it in. I now have it back, and I love it. It has so much room. The bar fridge had hardly any space, so only the most essential stuff could be stored there. Not even leftovers.

But wait! There’s more!

On the 8th October I woke up late. Due to missing my turn I had to take a different, longer route to work. I was going downhill to a roundabout and stopped paying attention. I then realised too late that I needed to brake. Too late.

Even though I slammed on brakes I still ploughed into the vehicle ahead of me. That’s going to cost several thousand rand to repair. Silly of me. Over and above all that, work’s been hell. The scope of our testing has been creeping up and our timelines have been slashed to the point where we won’t manage to do the job in the time we have. The worst looks to be over, but it’s been rough.

When you get into a situation where several bad (and expensive) things happen one after the other, you start to wonder when the next thing to go wrong will occur. I wouldn’t say things are looking up, but they’re not looking as down as they were before.


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2 Responses to And this too shall pass

  1. JennyB says:

    Just remember, there will come a day, when you will think back and won’t be able to remember when ‘something went wrong’. Looks like all your bad things have been and gone hopefully!
    Thanks for your very interesting reading!

  2. autismjungle says:

    Thanks for commenting JennyB. I hope so too.

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