The vilest antivaccine lie comes to South Africa

There is an absolutely sickening lie spread by some antivaccinationists that Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), a form of child abuse, is caused by vaccines. The “belief” is that vaccinations leach out vitamins, leaving the bones weak and susceptible to breaking.
You may want to read that paragraph again. Antivaccinationists are suggesting that child abuse is a form of vaccine injury.
This lie has now landed in South Africa. Orac has the details. The source appears to be this story from last year on the Times Live website.
Cliff notes is that on the 25th September 2012 five month old Alaia received four vaccines including a five-in-one. Two weeks later on October 10th, Alaia suddenly took a turn and her parents rushed her to hospital. She was put on a ventilator because she couldn’t breathe on her own. A week later, the decision to take her off the ventilator was taken and she died. Tests on her revealed injuries consistent with abuse. The parents have been charged with her murder.
Alaia had fractures of her long bones. To suggest that vaccines were what caused her injuries and subsequent death is beyond the pale and shows just how evil antivaccinationists can be.

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  2. And of course, this case was dropped cold by police and indictment never took place, after the media attention had blown over and the coroner found no fractures.. There was no such SBS. This was a hospital trying to cover their butts because they gave a 5 month old 21 vaccines (8 in one day).

  3. Alet says:

    Update. Not only was the case NOT dropped, but the couple are fugitives after their SECOND baby also dies. This time choked to death. No vaccines involved… So Phillip, how do you defend them now I wonder??? How does vaccines cause a multiple fractures? And hospitals don’t give vaccines, well Baby clinics does. How did the hospital cover their butt? By trying to save the life of a baby that parents beat to death? You are truly despicable.

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