Yay! I won a prize! (not)

Right now, I’m at my parents’, helping to babysit my nephew and niece while their parents (my sister and brother-in-law) are at work. It’s raining, which has put paid to doing my laundry today. But that’s not what this post is about.
On Wednesday, I received a phone call, telling me I’d won a prize. A holiday voucher. Nice, I thought. I was told to go to a certain address at half past five yesterday to pick it up. The address was near Eastgate Shopping Centre. I was a bit suspicious, but decided to go anyway. Due to time constraints, I left work slightly earlier than usual and drove on the freeway to get there in time. I made it, where a friendly gate guard directed me to where I needed to go.
There were several people standing around the room and my suspicions rose. We were told to sign in. I went in and saw the room was set up to give a multimedia presentation and I became even more suspicious. Then I saw the name on the folders.

Vacation Hub International

The alarm bells were sounding loudly at that point, so I went outside, phoned my parents and asked them what they knew about VHI.
My mother’s exact words? “Don’t touch it with a bargepole.”
Yes, it’s one of those tricks. The attendees would be subjected to a high pressure sales pitch. The “prize” is dependent on the mark (sorry, winner) taking out a contract with the organisation. Even funnier, my parents had something similar happen to them and weren’t fooled either. I got into my car and left immediately. Later, when I googled “complaints about vacation hub international” loads of hits were returned.
A lot of companies selling time-share or holiday club schemes use these tactics. You have to wonder how valid the concept of something is if the companies selling it have to resort to such dishonest measures to get customers.

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