Some good news about vaccinations

My cold has mostly gone, so I went and had a flu shot. I’m based in Randburg, so I had to use the pharmacy in Cresta shopping Centre. Discovery, my medical aid, pays for it. My copay was less than R3.
I don’t much like our health minister Aaron Motsoaledi. He’s been trying to introduce National Health Insurance, despite the fact that South Africa can’t afford it. But he’s now done something with which I agree. From next year, the HPV vaccine will be made available to schoolgirls. Unfortunately, this news provoked the anti-vaxx pillocks, who brought their usual lies to the discussion.
In 2009, vaccines against rotavirus (rotarix) and pneumonia (prevenar) were added to the schedule. The results of this are now showing. Hospitalisations for these two diseases are down 40%. Notch up another victory for vaccines.


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