The measles situation in Wales, autism in the nonvaxxed, and flu jabs

The measles outbreak in Wales has now topped 1000 cases. So far, 85 people have been hospitalised. Given the numbers, this total will probably increase. What is worse, epidemologists think the outbreak hasn’t yet peaked.
Most of the affected are children. When Andrew Wakefield had his “case study” published, a lot of UK parents decided to forgo the MMR vaccine. Many of them are now ruing their choice. A “catch up” programme, targeting those children who weren’t vaccinated, has now been introduced. In addition, prisoners and the homeless are also receiving the MMR. I really hope that no parent may wind up with a dead, deaf, or brain damaged child because of their decision to not vaccinate, but given the numbers it may be inevitable.
A paper is to be presented at IMFAR (the International Meeting for Autism Research). The paper is about the difference in autsim rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. There isn’t one. Hat tip to Matt Carey for the info.
The flu inocculation is now available. I plan to get mine on Tuesday. I’ll report back if successful.


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