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This post may be a little disorganised. I have a number of related things on my mind about this.
Normally, I don’t go onto antivaxx websites. I have enough problems with my temper as is. However, a post by Orac caught my eye so I went over to Age of Autism. I don’t know how to use NOFOLLOW, so if you like, I’ve munged the link. It’s h_tp://www.ageofautism.com/2013/04/guardian-uk-this-comment-removed.html.
There’s the usual junk in the post. “…no evidence that children are born with autism…” (my mother would disagree) “…no official can tell us the cause of autism..” (that’s why research is ongoing, Dachel) “Autism is an epidemic and there’s never been a genetic epidemic in human history…” (I beg to differ on the “epidemic” tag.)
But then, Dachel makes an eyebrow-raising remark.

No longer are we blaming cold, unaffectionate refrigerator moms for autism. Now we have our [sights] on the parents with defective genes that produce autistic babies.

Umm, what?
How is saying that autism has a genetic basis “blaming the parents”? Some cancers are genetic in origin. But if a child came down with one of them, the response wouldn’t be to blame the parents, but to be sympathetic to them because “there but by the grace of God go I”. In fact, when I was in primary school, I knew a boy who died of cancer and attended his funeral.
Then, on Orac’s post, Herr doktor bimler made a remark that pricked my ears up.

He does comment on his patients’ parents as being analytical, unemotional…

So I asked

If the parents were “analytical, unemotional” to quote HDB, wouldn’t that be a pointer to them having autism, and that it had a genetic origin[?]

Grant revealed that genetic research into autism has been going on since the 60’s, and then Krebiozen reminded me that at around the time autism was discovered, the Nazis engaged in the most horrific eugenic exercise ever, and

I suspect that for some time after WW2 the suggestion that autism was inherited was unthinkable.

That made sense to me.
It shouldn’t be surprising that antivaccinationists reject the evidence that autism has a genetic basis. That they should then use a strawman argument accusing people of blaming the parents for their children is very disappointing.

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