A film, three deaths, and the consequences of Wakefield’s lies

I mentioned that I was planning on seeing “The Sessions”, the story of how poet and polio survivor Mark O’Brien lost his virginity with the help of sex surrogate Cheryl Cohen-Greene. Well, I did, and I would urge everyone to see it. There is a great deal of wit in the film, and during some moments, the entire audience was laughing out loud. As a warning, there is also some full-frontal nudity, but this is done tastefully. But what I remember most about the film is the look at faith. O’Brien was a devout catholic, and is often shown in counsel with his priest. Cohen-Greene is shown having a mikvah as part of converting to judaism.
Roger Ebert recently died. The cancer that destroyed his jaw and that had been in remission returned. There is now a memorial site set up to him. If you have the time, read some of his reviews. Ebert loved films and hated it when they were badly done. I read his scathing review of “North”, and it raised a big smile.
Margaret Thatcher also passed away recently aged 87. What angered me was that people decided to have parties to celebrate her death. To me, that is not on. I don’t care how vile a person was in life; you do not celebrate his or her death. John Dryden’s bit of prose “No man is an island” says it best: “every man’s death diminishes me.”
Finally, some very bad news related to Andrew Wakefield’s lies about MMR. There has been an outbreak of measles in the Swansea area with over 700 infected so far.
And now a 25 year old man has died.
The patient had measles at the time of his death, but it has not yet been determined if the measles is what killed him. Andrew Wakefield has a lot to answer for.

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