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A film called “The Sessions” has just gone on cinematic release. I haven’t yet seen it, but I intend to. It tells the story of how author and poet Mark O’Brien, a polio survivor, enlisted the help of a surrogate sex partner to lose his virginity. One interesting fact mentioned in the review I read is that the director of “The Sessions”, Brian Levin, is himself a polio survivor.
One of the claims that anti-vaccinationists like to make is that the death rate was declining before vaccines were introduced. This claim is a half-truth. Advances like the iron lung may have kept victims alive, but vaccines caused the number of new cases to plummet. In addition, the quality of life of polio survivors was severely affected. According to the review, O’Brien was not able to breathe unassisted for more than a few hours a week. When she was a schoolgirl my mother knew a polio survivor whose hand was crippled. I never knew any polio survivors and the reason why is thanks to those much-maligned vaccines.
There is an advertising campaign named “We are this close to ending polio.” Celebrities, among them PSY of “Gangnam Style” fame and former archbishop Desmond Tutu, are photographed with their pointer finger and thumb in a narrow pincer grip and the words “this close” in between the grip. Polio is almost extinct in the wild. A final effort, and it could go the way of smallpox.

We are This Close to ending Polio

We are This Close to ending Polio


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