It’s been funny, lately

It’s been a funny two weeks in my life.
At this moment, I’m normally at work reading documents, extracting requirements, writing or running test cases or logging or retesting defects. Instead, I’m enjoying a two day break.
The reason I’m taking time off is because I received an email from HR telling me that I had 13 days of leave that I needed to take by the 31st August, or they would expire. So over the next 9 weeks, I’m going to be taking a day or two off per week until it’s used up.
The strangeness began two weeks ago. Steers introduced a new rib burger at a special introductory price of R10. To give you some idea of how low that is, the cheapest item on Steers’s menu is usually the Rave Burger at R19.90. Steers then decided that the Rib Burger would be the Wacky Wednesday special. In this special, two hamburgers of the selected type are sold for the price of one. So, on the 13th June, people could buy two Rib Burgers for the price of just R10. Oh, and as a final error, Steers did not put a limit on the number of Wacky Wednesdays a person could order.
You can probably guess what happened. People flocked to Steers. Some phoned through orders of 50 or more. Before midday, Steers branches had run out of Rib Burgers and the Wacky Wednesday was changed to the Rave Burger. I had planned to get a Wacky Wednesday after my gym workout, but when I went to the Steers at Karaglen I was stopped at the door by the manager. The store was about to run out of hamburger patties and if I wasn’t there to collect a phoned through order I couldn’t enter. I shrugged, and went to Debonairs Pizza instead.
Friday the 15th June was my sister’s birthday. That evening, she, her family, I and our parents all went to the Cape Town Fish Market in Greenstone. After a delicious meal, my niece and nephew wanted to see the fish in the tanks at the front of the store, so my mother and I took them over. At one point, as I was holding my nephew up to see the tank, I felt a vibration on my arm and my nephew gave me a very cheeky grin and started giggling.
The little horror had farted on me.
It wasn’t too bad though. My sister really appreciated the gifts she received from me and our parents. Also, when it was time to leave, my niece was really upset that she couldn’t go home with her nana and had a tantrum.
The next day I went to donate blood. I’m Type O+, so SANBS contacts me whenever I’m due to donate again. Because Sunday was Fathers’ Day, I got a beanie with the SANBS logo on it.

The beanie SANBS gave me

The beanie SANBS gave me.

The weather on Fathers’ Day was completely overcast. This led to a problem. I’d bought my father pyjamas from Woolworths but I noticed that the packet of one of the items was open. Woolworths allows people to try clothes on, so I thought I’d better wash them to be safe. I then hung them out to dry. It was so overcast that when it was time for me to go over to my parents’ house for lunch they were still damp. I had to take my father’s present over in a laundry basket and hang it up to dry on my parents’ washline. They dried, eventually, and my father said he would wear them to bed that evening.
I’ve been sick over the past week and a bit. Whenever I got up, I would be drenched in sweat and feverish. This picture is of the inside of my bedroom window. I sweated so much that it started condensing on it.

Condensation that formed on the inside of my bedroom window while I slept.

There may be a change in my blogging. My employer sent out an email asking if any employees were bloggers as they are interested in us blogging about our work. I replied that I was, and sent them the links to my blogs. I’m expecting feedback shortly.


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