An unhappy story with a happy ending

Earlier this week, I was going to post a rant. A family which planned to immigrate to Australia from England was refused permission because the daughter is autistic. It was a good thing I didn’t have time. The original decision has now been overturned and the family granted permission.
According to the original article, Peter Threfal, his wife Yvonne, their son Lukas and Yvonne’s daughter Sarah were refused entry because Sarah was autistic. Despite the fact that Sarah holds down two jobs and volunteered with the Scout and Guide movement, some peabrained bureaucrat ruled that Sarah’s condition “would place a burden on healthcare and community services in Australia.” Now Chris Bowen, the Australian Immigration Minister, has intervened and ordered that they be let in.
Disability advocates have welcomed the decision, but have also urged that the policy behind the original ruling be scrapped.
Thank You Chris Bowen.


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