Dear Reader, a request of you

Last week I wrote about a horrific form of autism quackery. Namely, the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). This is simply sodium dichlorite mixed in water and administered as a tonic or enema to “cure” autism. Now a petition has been started to ban this treatment. It can be found here.
As the petition clearly states:

“In her Autism One presentation, [Kerri] Rivera references effects such as diarrhea and fever during application. There is no medical indication for this compound, either orally or as a bath or enema, and no indications for its use or efficacy in autism. Given the effects that even the people selling and using it cite–fever, clear discomfort, vomiting, and diarrhea, its known adverse effects on neurodevelopment and status as a health hazard, and the use of it in minor children (emphasis mine) who often are unable to verbalize their experience, we ask that the relevant authorities turn immediate attention to Kerri Rivera, organizers of the Autism One conference where she presented this information, and anyone who is selling or recommending this product for use in children with autism.”

I have signed the petition and I ask you, Dear Reader, to also sign it.


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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog
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3 Responses to Dear Reader, a request of you

  1. Autismum says:

    I have sent Kerri Rivera the link to my open letter to her. Let’s see if I get a reply or stony silence

  2. Signed and tweeted and publicized. I’d like the signatories to get into the 1,000s.

  3. autismjungle says:

    I hope so too, Liz.

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