Sodium Chlorite to treat Autism – WTF?!?!

That headline is not a joke, and I really wish it was. Some nutcases are actually dosing autistic children with Sodium Chlorite in an attempt to turn them neurotypical.

Are you serious?!?!

I got the story from Orac’s blog. Someone at the Autism One quackfest was touting this as a way to “recover” autistic children, and claimed she had “recovered” 20 children with it.
Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) is a strong alkaline used: to manufacture Chlorine Dioxide for bleaching and stripping paper, pulp and textiles; to disinfect water for drinking and to wash foods; in mouthwashes, mouth sprays, toothpaste and gels; and for sanitising air ducts, air conditioning units and animal containment areas.
As you might expect from such a potent antibiotic, it is toxic to humans. 10-15 grams can kill an adult, and even 1 gram can cause nausea, vomiting and hemolysis. The dose for “treatment” is 10-15 drops in 500ml given orally or as an enema.
You might want to reread that last paragraph. The “treatment” involves giving a child a harmful dose of a potent bleaching agent, either to drink, or squirting it up the rectum. One of the signs that the “treatment” is working is diarrhoea.

You’re giving them a poison?!?!

I’ll summarise. This “cure” involves giving children a toxic substance at sufficient strength to kill gut bacteria and intestinal cells and induce diarrhoea. Does anyone else think this is a really dangerous idea?


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I am a Software Test Analyst. Shortly before I turned 21 I was officially diagnosed, although I had long suspected I was autistic. Welcome to my blog
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  2. Seattle Girl says:

    Believe it or not, Sodium Chlorite is not bleach, and being developed by Nutra Pharmacuticals as a “pharmacutical” to treat and possibly cure ALS and Parkinsons, neurolgical diseases. Poisen is the term for most of the drugs given to autistic children, like prozak and Riddlen, like my friend’s son. Sodium chlorite turns toxic cells to functioning cells.

    • autismjungle says:

      Sodium chloride is used as a disinfectant, in various cleaning substances and to whiten substances. It’s also a potent oxidizing agent. That you deny it is a bleach is astonishing.
      You put four comments through. I’ve only approved the first as I don’t tolerate spamming or comment bombing and your remarks were both. Your arguments fall on their own.

      • Seattle Girl says:

        If you look up the chemistry…Sodium chlorite is not bleach.
        [It’s an alkaline and an oxidizing agent. Ipso facto, it’s a bleach – AJ]
        True, it is used as a disinfectant, because it kills bacteria, fungus, mold & parasites. It is used to treat water in many countries (much safer than the chlorine version chemicals we use in the US to treat drinking water that is toxic to the body. Sodium chlorite will aslo kill giardia and crypto that the typical water purification systems here in the US do not. Bleach, however, is non-discriminatory. Chlorine bleach will damage healthy, diseased and unhealthy cells. Sodium chlorite does not damage healthy cells..only diseased or damaged.
        [Given that 15 grams of bleach can kill a healthy adult, your last claim is questionable – AJ]
        If you put hydrogen peroxide on a cut, it will fizz. If you put it on healthy skin, it does not fizz. That’s because hydrogen peroxide, like sodium chlorite is discriminitory…only reacts to unhealthy, diseased cells.
        [Store bought hydrogen peroxide is very dilute. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide can ignite organic compounds, including flesh. That fizz is the peroxide reacting not only to the germs but also your flesh. The reason it doesn’t cause major damage is because it’s dilute – AJ]
        If it is a “bleach” as you say…or refering to the stuff you buy at the grocery store…that it is not sodium chlorite, and why is a pharmacutical company doing test trials on a drug for neurodegenerative diseases with sodium chlorite? There are many people, including myself, who have seen the extreme, positive results of sodium chlorite when used sensibly.
        [I’m using the chemistry meaning of bleach. Also, which company is studying it for those uses? AJ]

  3. Seattle Girl says:

    I really don’t expect you to post this comment…..
    [Actually, it’s far more fun to post it and point out the gaping holes in your arguments – AJ]
    Why is it people are afraid to discover the true cause of autism, Down Syndrome, and many other idiopathic (meaning we don’t have a clue….) syndromes? Because it’s systematic parasites, bacteria and viral infection/co infection combination of.
    [The evidence increasingly points to autism having a genetic basis. As for Down’s Syndrome, why are women over 35 at vastly increased risk for giving birth to babies with Down’s? Because it’s also genetic. Also, I find it hard to believe that if systematic parasites etc. were the cause of those diseases, then the medical establishment doesn’t think to test for them. – AJ]
    They would rather say Autism than parasite or bacteria infection….and think there is nothing they can do about it. Why does DMSO cure mental retardation and Downs? DMSO…check out 60 minutes Youtube. The pharma and the FDA don’t want to cure it!
    [A YouTube video? Wow, I’m convinced [/sarcasm] – AJ]

  4. Some people need to really get educated before they put a blanket statement out there. You should really try this since you have autism and see the results for yourself. You are no doubt riddled with parasites just like our children are. Autism is epidemic and modern medicine is not helping these kids far from it. Natural therapies are what is saving these kids and I have seen it with my own eyes. Everyone should treat themselves for parasites twice a year to help keep you are optimum health. My kids were so low on nutrients due to the fact the parasites were taking all the goodness from the food before the kids had chance to digest it. I totally agree with Seattle Girl

    • autismjungle says:

      I’m going to deconstruct your hogwash bit by bit.

      Some people need to really get educated before they put a blanket statement out there.

      I have a BSc. What are your qualifications? Oh, and a diploma from Google U. doesn’t cut it here.

      You should really try this since you have autism and see the results for yourself.

      No thanks. I don’t fancy nausea.

      You are no doubt riddled with parasites just like our children are.

      I’m 1.75m tall and weigh almost 80kg. I’m also in training to swim the Midmar Mile. Does that sound like I’m riddled with parasites?
      Now for the rest of your garbage. Autism has always been with us. Some people believe that Michelangelo Buonarotti was on the spectrum. Psychologists are learning how autistics think and this knowledge is being applied. As for “Natural therapies”, there is NO WAY a sodium chlorite enema is natural, or a therapy.
      Finally, if your children really had parasites, deworming medicines would be both more effective and a lot safer to use.

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