Dear God, let this be a Poe

I have just seen something that has left me utterly aghast.

I’m a member of the Facebook group “Anti Vax Wall Of Shame”. One of the other members posted about a, well, pro-disease group. The group is named “Intentionally Giving Pertussis to Newborns”. In its information, it declares “IGPN is an international group dedicated to spreading pertussis to newborn babies. We intentionally infect ourselves, then roam around hospital maternity wards. We believe the best way to meet this disease is head-on, not to run away! Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

My first thought was “Please God, let this be a Poe”. Pertussis is no joke for newborns. The families of Dana McCaffery, Kailis Smith, Kaliah Jeffrey and now Brady Alcaide lost them to pertussis. Unfortunately, people who are anti vaccination have set up chicken pox parties and even sourced lollipops and similar items infected with chicken pox so that their children don’t need to get vaccinated. Even though my first instinct is “Poe”, my second instinct is “maybe not”.

The group has been reported, and hopefully will soon be taken down.


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