The MMRV is still better than the diseases

There was an article on IOL on Friday.
According to it, researchers found that a second dose of the Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella (MMRV) Vaccine has a small risk of fever related seizures in toddlers, but not in older children. Having said that, an infection has a far higher risk of causing a fever related seizure in all age groups. It is safer to have the vaccine. The article also mentions that lead researcher Nicola Klein and some of her co-researchers have received funding from vaccine manufacturers in the past.
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) in the U.S. has released a report on Measles. The report begins by stating that the U.S. acheived measles elimination in 2000. Falling immunisation rates have scuppered this. In 2011, a provisional total of 222 Measles cases were reported. 70 of the patients required hospitalisation. In Europe, there were 8 deaths from Measles in 2011.
Anti-vaxxers continue to insist that the vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent. As the above stories show, this is bunkum. There is no good evidence to support this argument, and no good reason to forgo vaccination other than allergies to the components.


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